Miku Slays Gaga

Did I used the term “Slay” right? Been trying to catch some of the terminology Lady Gaga fans use in preparation to attending her “artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball” tour in St. Paul Minnesota. She is coming to Chicago, but Miku would no longer be the opening act by then so I decide to go to see her in the next closest cities to Chicago. St. Paul was the best date since the others were in conflict with Anime Central. It was all worth the 8+ hour each way bus ride though. Miku was only on for 25 minutes as seen in the video I took below. The other opening act was Lady Starlight a DJ act which grew repetitive very fast & lasted for 50+ minutes. I wished it was the other way around with more Miku less Starlight.

I never would’ve gone to a Lady Gaga were it not for Miku being announced as an opening act & hesitated on spending the money to go till the day before. But I’m so glad I went as the Miku parts while short were great & I found myself enjoying Lady Gaga’s show too! It makes me yearn for a full vocaloid concert experience like Mikunopolis at AX 2011. I really wonder why they don’t do a small (LA, Chicago, New York) tour when I’m certain it would sell out.

Wake Up, Girls! Anime Central 2014

Most of my con time was spent on Wake Up, Girls! events. I stayed up all night the day before the con to make that Wake Up, Girls! jacket as seen in the anime. Actually the lettering was printed directly from screencaps from the anime & taped to Avery dark transfer paper & then cut out & ironed onto the zippered hoodie from Old Navy. It almost felt like I was cosplaying (never have in the 30+ cons I’ve gone to over 13 years). Got their autograph & snuck in a few pictures.





Gaga x Miku

I suddenly have the urge to go to a Lady Gaga concert.

Cleaning Oily PVC Figures

Found a way to clean a few of my figures that have been outgassing plasticizers making them oily dust magnets. Tried dishwashing detergent which didn’t work & freezing which partially work but cleaning was a pain & figures start to leak again. Thinking about the issue again recently & tried some Woolite laundry detergent laying around which seems to work well. I used a soft toothbrush to scrub the figure but be careful of rubbing off any paint or matte coatings. Q-tips & massaging the detergent on the figure also work. I recommend wearing gloves when handling these oiy figures as the chemical they’re leaching can be harmful.