Gaga x Miku

I suddenly have the urge to go to a Lady Gaga concert.

Cleaning Oily PVC Figures

Found a way to clean a few of my figures that have been outgassing plasticizers making them oily dust magnets. Tried dishwashing detergent which didn’t work & freezing which partially work but cleaning was a pain & figures start to leak again. Thinking about the issue again recently & tried some Woolite laundry detergent laying around which seems to work well. I used a soft toothbrush to scrub the figure but be careful of rubbing off any paint or matte coatings. Q-tips & massaging the detergent on the figure also work. I recommend wearing gloves when handling these oiy figures as the chemical they’re leaching can be harmful.

Misty, Saber, & Irma

Saber Lily vs. Irma in some cross series action. Lily was preowned from Amiami. Wanted this dress only version of her ever since I found out about it a few years ago since I’m not a fan of her mono bulging breastplate armor. Misty in the middle in her cast off state. Irma’s pose is supported on only one leg & the base has a metal rod. Hopefully she won’t lean over time.


New additions to my collection.

Japan in Hollywood

Finally saw my 1st 3d movie Pacific Rim yesterday. Seeing the “cam version” made really want to see it on the big screen so trekked out to the local Imax theater in downtown Chicago to catch the last showing of this Hollywood homage to giant monsters & mecha. I hope they make more because I really enjoyed it, but I hear the $$$ numbers are mediocre for the US. There’s hope though since it just opened in China & soon Japan where I really would like to see how it’s received there. Also makes me want to get some good big scale mecha action figures from the movie which would be a rarity among my 99% bishoujo figure collection.

Oh yea Wolverine takes place in Japan too.

Sigrid & Mami

I’m not that type of collector but man the way this is presented I almost don’t want to take her out of the box.


Just too sexy & pretty to pass up. A departure from the typical window box I suppose to save on shipping since they can use a smaller box?


PVC figures could be dangerous if you break them… Well they do contain plasticizer chemicals that you shouldn’t be handling if they leach out like on a couple of my figures.

I like funky Miku.